Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked Questions

What can I do on ""?

With this platform, the city of Eschborn enables the citizens and employees in Eschborn to get daily updates and general information about the extensive construction measures for the new link of Düsseldorfer Straße to the motorway link of BAB A66 and the construction works in Düsseldorfer Straße / Rahmannstraße and Mannheimerstraße within the Commercial Park Eschborn Süd. Furthermore, you can contribute proactively and ask the city questions, if there is any information missing on the platform. These questions will be made available to the other visitors of this site anonymously in order for everyone to benefit from new pieces of information.

How can I contribute?

You need to register in order to obtain a valid user account before you can contribute and ask questions. For this, you need an email address. After having registered successfully (we are happy if you use your real name, but this is not mandatory) you can log in with your email address and password.

Will I get to my workplace?

All properties, underground car parks and parking lots will be accessible at any time. Short-term obstructions are possible, however, they will be announced beforehand (e.g. on this platform).

Will rescue services be able to get to us?

Access is always possible for rescue and emergency services.

What about waste collection?

Waste containers will be brought to certain collection points by the responsible construction company and emptied there by the disposal companies. The responsible construction company will also return the containers after they have been emptied.

How will I get to my destination?

Plans about the current traffic routing can be found on this platform (Traffic Information) or on the municipal website ("städtische Bauvorhaben").

I'm planning to move, workmen are coming, or I am expecting a large delivery?

All of these and similar issues will be taken care of by the responsible construction company which will come to an agreement with the service providers or companies involved.