Motorway link to A66

Motorway link to the A66

Construction work has been carried out since Autumn 2017 in order to prepare the direct exit from the A66 (coming from Frankfurt) to Düsseldorfer Straße in Eschborn. The new exit will enable commuters coming from Frankfurt to exit to motorway directly to Düsseldorfer Straße in the Commercial Park Eschborn Süd. Even though the construction of the new exit to Düsseldorfer Straße is the focus of construction works, there will also be a number of smaller constructions undertaken throughout the process.


  • Laying of drinking water transport pipeline DN 500
  • Laying of a high pressure gas pipeline DN 300
  • Laying of a cable bundles of fibre optic cables for telecommunication purposes
  • Laying of a new gas pipeline in Düsseldorfer Straße
  • Laying of a new sewer in Düsseldorfer Straße
  • Restructuring and exchange of canal house connections in Düsseldorfer Straße
  • Exchange of a water pipe in Düsseldorfer Straße
  • Renewal and rerouting of the overland water pipeline in Düsseldorfer Straße
  • Widening of the road in Düsseldorfer Straße
  • Construction of a new bicycle lane and pedestrian walkway in Düsseldorfer Straße
  • Repairing of canal house connections in Mannheimer Straße
  • Renewal of the asphalt surface in Mannheimer Straße
  • Renewal of the canal in Rahmannstraße
  • Renewal of canal house connections in Rahmannstraße
  • Fundamental restructuring of Rahmannstraße, including a new pedestrian walkway and a new asphalt surface
  • Renewal of the bicycle lane and pedestrian walkway between Rahmannstraße and Elisabethenstraße
  • Widening of the motorway exit and linking of one lane to Düsseldorfer Straße

Phase 1: Construction works start in February 2019

In February 2019, the firm Depenbrock will start construction works on the first section. The construction site will be set up and starting in the middle of February, the following works will be started:

  • Remodeling of the road surface and sidewalks in Mannheimer Straße after construction work is completed here, traffic can flow in both directions in Mannheimer Straße. All properties can be reached via one-way traffic, just like before. Construction works will only be carried out one one side of the street, the other side remains open for pedestrians and vehicles. Temporary accesses will be built to all properties. Short-term obstructions cannot be excluded. The parking areas in Mannheimer Straße are removed during construction works and are no longer available after the completion of this section.
  • Construction of a temporary access to the large parking lots in Düsseldorfer Straße. During the construction works in Düsseldorfer Straße, all parking spaces can be accessed either via Kölner Straße or Elisabethenstraße. This means that there will be less traffic at the contruction site which will speed up construction works. Please also refer to Traffic Information.
  • The search for explosive ordnances will continue for each section according to the construction progress.
  • Further, time-delayed construction works include pipe laying in Düsseldorfer Straße. After pipe laying has been completed, work on the road will begin. Access traffic will be maintained. The parking spaces in this street will no longer be available.

Construction works in Rahmannstraße will only start after all work in Mannheimer Straße has been completed and in accordance with construction works in Düsseldorfer Straße. Construction works in Rahmannstraße can be divided in two sections. One half of Rahmannstraße is closed for traffic and thus becomes a dead end. First, Rahmannstraße can be accessed via Frankfurter Straße and during the second section via Mannheimer Straße, like before. The completion of construction works for the first construction phase is planned in Summer 2020.

Update: March 28th 2019

Construction works in Mannheimer Straße are making good progress. That's why we will start working on the Eastern side of the road on April 3rd, 2019. Traffic routing will not be affected by this.

Construction works in Düsseldorfer Straße are also progressing. Due to further construction works it is no longer possible to reach most parking spaces via Düsseldorfer Straße. An alternative access has already been built via Kölner Straße and Elisabethenstraße. The diversion route will be shown on signs. We kindly ask you to use the new route.

Laying of pipes

It began with the bomb disposal team in September 2017, which had to clear the construction area. There have been extensive pipe laying works ever since, in order to enable the subsequent constructions on the roads.
The drinking water transport pipeline DN 500 in the area of the motorway exit has been installed in April 2018. Two bundles of in total 8 optic fibre cables have been rerouted in July / August 2018.
The high pressure gas pipeline will be installed in Spring 2019, due to the necessary coordination with RWT.

Work on the new bridge construction

Next, work on a new bridge construction and on a bridge that already exists will start. The final road construction measures for the new exit will take place in Spring 2020. At the moment, construction work on Düsseldorfer Straße, Mannheimer Straße and Rahmannstraße are being planned and the tender is being prepared. Contracts will be awarded in 2018, construction works will begin in 2019.
In Rahmanstraße, work will start in Spring 2019. Canals, house connections, road foundations, asphalt surface and pedestrian walkways will be renewed completely. Construction work will probably last until Spring 2020.
Within the framework of the construction measures, the traffic routing will be adjusted accordingly. The planned new traffic routing will allow bidirectional traffic in Mannheimer Straße and is depicted hereinafter.
The project, which will cost between 8 and 9 million euros, will bring a noticeable relief to all road users in Eschborn, especially for commuters, who drive to work via the intersection of Frankfurter Straße and Sossenheimer Straße every day.

Changes in the planning, delays during the construction process and especially planned road closures will be displayed on this website.

Furthermore, we will inform the direct residents of the streets affected separately about the upcoming measures.

Map about the planned traffic routing after completion of all construction measures (please click to download)

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